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Rahul is a web enthusiast and blogger, and has been writing about the computer security industry for the last three years. Following the latest technology trends, he has written several articles and blog posts related to the antivirus industry.

Use Smartphones Only in Emergencies – Government Instructs Ministries to Avoid Loss of Sensitive National Data

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 June 6, 2016
smartphone security

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Just like the private sector, the Government has been encouraging its employees to use smartphones for better collaboration within departments. This rapid adoption of smartphones and Internet services in Government organizations might lead to situations where national security could be compromised by a simple data breach. This is a concern...

INFOGRAPHIC: The State of Passwords in 2015

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 May 5, 2016
world password day

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UPDATE – May 5th, 2016 Achieving cyber security is getting harder every year, and the most critical aspect of this process is passwords. With so many different passwords to remember for every individual, there are several loopholes which need to be secured. Have a look at the infographic below to...

Facebook Basics: How to Easily Avoid Phishing Scams

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 April 18, 2016
Facebook Help Centre

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Phishing attacks over Facebook and other social media channels are not uncommon. In fact, it is very likely that people fall for such attacks when it comes from an innocent looking link or post that is shared by somebody on their friend’s list. Facebook, with millions of users from all...

How to Prevent Ransomware From Locking Your PC

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 March 29, 2016

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The Quick Heal Threat Research Lab has been detecting increased numbers of ransomware infections over the last few weeks. We have recently reported on the notorious Dridex ransomware. These incidents depict a clear trend that malware authors are steadily shifting to serious money making ransomware variants. The rise in these...

Quick Heal Mobile Security Bags 5-Star Rating & ‘Android Security Recommended” Award by PCSL

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 March 28, 2016

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Quick Heal is proud to share that the PCSL IT Consulting Group has awarded the Quick Heal Mobile Security app with the title of “Android Security Recommended 2015”. This title is granted to Android mobile security vendors who received a 5-star monthly award at least twice during the course of...

Report: The Dridex Trojan is Back

 March 25, 2016

Estimated reading time: 5 minutes

“Dridex”, also known as ‘Buget’, is the successor of “Cridex”, a banking Trojan created for stealing victim credentials. After its takedown by the US Government in late 2015, the malware has come up with new versions and techniques. This report aims to provide detailed insights into the infection vector of...

Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUAs) in Disguise of Software Updates

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 March 21, 2016

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It has been observed that cyber criminals are using genuine names to enter into their targeted victim’s system. They are doing this by displaying random pop-up ads on Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Google Chrome that prompts the user to update Adobe Flash Player, Java, media players, etc. These pop-up ads...

5 Android Marshmallow 6.0 Security Features

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 March 15, 2016

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Even though Android is easily the most used mobile operating platform across the globe, its security vulnerabilities are notoriously easy to navigate around. While this is not due to a lack of security features on the platform, it is simply an outcome of its large number of users representing value...

MazarBOT: New Android Malware Steals SMSs and Wipes Phones

 March 2, 2016
Figure 04 - Downloadable URL

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A new Android malware, known as MazarBOT, has been discovered in-the-wild and this dangerous sample has the capability to hijack an unsuspecting user’s smartphone. The malware gets into a victim’s phone with an SMS as follows: You have received a multimedia message from +[xx] [xxxxxxxxxx]. Follow the link hxxp://www.mmsforyou[.]Net/mms.apk to...

5 Best Instagram Security Tips

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 February 16, 2016

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When Instagram was formed as an iOS-only photo sharing app in 2010, nobody imagined how big and popular the service could actually get. Today Instagram is available over all major mobile platforms and has more than 400 million monthly active users around the world. The key features of Instagram are...